A sensitive and solution-focused approach
in all areas of family law.

Lewis & Trovas Family Lawyers is a Brisbane CBD based firm offering legal solutions
for divorce, separation, property settlements, parenting disputes, child support,
domestic violence, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption and surrogacy.

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How can we assist you?

  • Divorce

    If your marriage has come to an end and you have been separated for twelve months or more, we can assist you in finally severing your relationship through the divorce process.

  • Parenting arrangements

    When you are faced with separation and divorce, one of your biggest concerns will likely be how it is going to negatively impact your children. We can assist you in putting in place sustainable parenting arrangements in a child-focused manner.

  • Property settlement

    Whether you are ending a de facto relationship or a marriage, we can assist you in negotiating a just and equitable division of the assets and liabilities that belong to both you and your former partner.

  • Spousal maintenance

    In some circumstances there is a need for one party to continue to “financially support” the other party following separation and divorce, and even after a property settlement has been finalised. If you think you might be entitled to such support, or conversely are subject to a claim for such support, we can assist you in navigating this path.

  • Child support

    Following separation and divorce, you and your former partner will still have an obligation to pay for your children’s upbringing. We can assist you in navigating the complicate area of law that applies when determining who pays what in child support.

  • Pre-nuptial agreements

    If you are starting a new relationship, or entering into the next phase of a current relationship, we can assist you in formalising an agreement as to how joint assets may be divided, or how specific assets can be quarantined, in the event that you separate in future.

  • Domestic violence

    If you are the victim of domestic and family violence, or a current or former partner is alleging that you have committed an act of domestic and family violence, we can provide advice as to how to manage the associated legal challenges and represent you in court when necessary.

  • Adoption & Surrogacy

    Starting a family is not always a straightforward journey for many couples. We can assist you in navigating the legal challenges faced with alternative pathways to parenthood, including surrogacy and adoption.

  • Court representation

    If you are already engaged in the court process or feel as though you have no option but to proceed to court for a family law matter, we can provide you with advice as to how to best manage these challenges and represent you in court. We regularly appear in the Federal Circuit Court, Family Court, Magistrates Court and Children’s Court.

  • Agency matters

    If you are a legal practitioner engaged in a family law matter, we can assist you with your agency needs for court appearances in Brisbane court registries. Our office is located within walking distance from the Family Court, Federal Circuit Court and Brisbane Magistrates Court.


A Welcome from our Legal Director

Engaging a lawyer is not something that you ever hope or expect you’ll have to do. When you are faced with a “legal problem”, it is an emotional, anxiety-provoking and altogether difficult time. When it involves your family, it is undoubtedly even more so.

Separation, divorce and family breakdown is, sadly, something that will touch the majority of us in our lifetimes, and the associated grief can be debilitating. Yet, it is when you are experiencing that grief that you are expected to make big decisions about your financial future, your children’s future and what you want your life to look like going forward.

When faced with “legal problems” that affect your family, you require sensitivity and well-considered advice from a respected legal practitioner to assist you to make those difficult decisions and reach a resolution that is best for you and your family. This is what I have consistently provided my clients in my work as a family lawyer, and it is the approach that you will experience at Lewis & Trovas.

Should you be faced with a family law issue, we encourage you to get in touch, and we look forward to working with you.

Naomi Lewis

Naomi Lewis – Legal Director and Principal Solicitor

Your advisor and advocate in all areas of family law

Our legal services are led by our Principal Solicitor, Naomi Lewis. Naomi is widely known as a sensitive, solution-focused family lawyer, and an astute economics and financial consultant, whose career has spanned over a decade.

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Faced with a family law issue?

We encourage you to get in touch, and we look forward to working with you.

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