Pre-nuptial agreements

More and more, we are seeing clients wishing to maintain their own financial independence and security when embarking on a new relationship, or moving into the next phase of a current relationship. Ultimately, couples are looking to bed down what will happen to their finances should they separate in future.

If you are in this position, we can assist you in putting in place a formal agreement that can be relied upon down the track, thereby providing you a level of comfort that you will not be faced with a costly court battle, and the associated emotional strain, in the event of separation.

We can draft a financial agreement for you if you are, for example:

  1. planning to get married (a pre-nuptial agreement)
  2. embarking on a new de facto relationship
  3. already married or in a de facto relationship, and wish to agree now on what happens to your financial assets should you separate in future.
  4. wish to quarantine an inheritance or gift from a family member, or an interest in a family business.

Let's tailor the right solution for you.